Top 10 Wine Websites to Bookmark Right Now

It is fine to buy wine online, or just learn to wine online. But where do you start?

The best winery websites in the world give top tier information, wine news, ratings, discounts and so much more. Whether you are out looking for the best places to buy quality wine online, learn about food and wine, or you just can’t help but adore spectacular estate vineyard and winery photos, the 10 wine websites we’ve listed below can be the best places to start.

We admit that we didn’t scour through all tens of thousands of wine websites on the web as of 2016. The good news is that we have refined ten of the finest to help you choose what tastes best for your palate.

So without further ado, here are the 10 best wine websites to bookmark right now.

The Most Popular Wine Websites Right Now

One way to tell a great wine website is by examining how popular it really is. Because the more popular it is, the better (and a wider variety) the wine news, reviews and wine discounts they’ve got to have. And we found this to be true.

Here are the top four.


Founded in 1999, the New Zealand firm is very much a search engine for anything wine. Wine Searcher is the place to be if you are searching for wineries, price lists, wine auctions, catalogs, and wine stores.

Whether you are a wine finder or wine collector, there is a bunch of wine-privy information to brew from the site. That includes finding local stores online, how to recognize and understand wine labels, as well as learn about wine valuations.

We also like the Critics’ Choice Wine Finder, which is a platform where acclaimed wine tasters rate a wide variety of wines and give scores to help readers find the best bottle of wine for their palates and money’s worth.


If you think wine is fun, vivacious, sophisticated and an absolutely must in your life, then Wine Folly even has a book they’ve written for true wine lovers to help accompany their wine lifestyle.

In that jewel, you’ll find some notes on types of grapes/wines, country of origin, as well as serving and handling recommendations.

Check out Wine Folly if you especially want to find remarkable, non-intimidating wine content. With wine writers such as Madeline Puckette, who won the International Wine and Spirits Competition’s 2013 Wine Blogger of the Year award, the blog simply simplifies wines for anyone wanting to pair food and wine like a pro.


CellarTracker’s collection of community and professional wine tasting notes, wine reviews, and great recommendation content is impressive.

However, we feel the online cellar management functionality, a tool developed to help readers track their wine collection, establish its value and categorize different wines is what really makes the site a standout.

With over 400,000 members, the site feels like a wine social media platform where you can share opinions, get great recommendations, and learn the best deals online from (by then) wine friends to help pair food and great wine.

Also, you can find the most popular bottles, as well as by type and color, vintage, the region of origin, food pairing and even by variety and more on CellarTracker.

4. Wine

This is a wine website where you can learn to create your own, custom cocktails as well as niche cocktails such as the Classic Tom Collins Cocktail.

You can even follow the Wine Lover guides they have on there to learn what reds to pair with the grill. Or what vintage wine to pair with a Mushroom Toasts serving.

If you are a wine and dine, master, you can contribute your wine wisdom for the other Wine Enthusiasts as well. And if you are a novice, Wine Enthusiast occasionally creates list-type, Best of The Year articles such as “10 best Cellar Selections in 2016”. So you can learn, discover and find great wine.

Best Wine Rating Sites

If you feel you need some help with finding the best bottle of vintage wine online, these three sites can be great wine-tasting companions.


This best wine website is owned and run by The Wine Advocate Inc. The company employs a Parker’s Point scale to determine quality and rate fine wines.

The evaluation method is based on the Robert Parker’s rating system employing a 50-100 point quality scale as opposed to the more rampant 20-point quality scale. In addition, the author is very knowledgeable about fine wines, the right conditions for tasting, and is quite independent too. And in there lies eRobertParkers’ genius; while tastes do differ, the writer is a real person who actually spends most of their time in professional vineyards tasting wine.

All tastings are done in “peer-group, single-blind conditions”. That is the same kind of wines are tasted against each other without knowledge of the producer’s name.

6. Wine

With over 320, 000 wine ratings from real people with real wine stories, you can easily get all the tasty details of a bottle of wine online without actually tasting one.

Also, check out the “Ask Dr. Vinny” section where you can ask the wine lover and expert quite a bit about great wine. Scroll down the homepage and you’ll find Tasting Reports, where you can finally determine which red, white or rosé can best quench your thirst at the height of summer, for example.

On Wine Spectator, you’ll also find videos, text content and exclusive wine-tasting information to help you make the best wine buying decision possible at any time and wherever you are around the globe.

From, you can create personal wine lists, save favorite articles with My Library and attend wine and wine tasting classes from My School Courses to become a full-fledged wine tasting expert.


Wine Writer Mel Jones has in the past been recommended by BBC Good Food for her and her crew’s exceptional wine and wine tasting knowledge and recommendations.

If you’d like to browse through a catalog of tasting notes covering the major high street retailers, then this is the site to log on to. You can as well search and receive best wine offers from your favorite sellers through the site. Just search for your favorite bottle by color, grape, origin, supplier or price—your choice.

Best Online Wine Shops

Are you searching for great discounts on wine gifts, racks, cellars, and discount wine glasses online? Or could you be looking for variety? Here are some sweet spots to spot the best wine deals online.


KLWines is arguably the eBay of wines. The website has a selection of more than 10,000 wines. You can participate in e-bay type auctions or simply choose the “buy now” choices. If you want, you can first read tasting notes before buying.

Sellers are wineries and sellers/distributors wanting to sell directly to customers, so expect great value and standard market prices for shipping. Also, you can sell your collection of wine via the site and employ the site’s cellar management tools for $30/year.


The popular online wine store under the brand hosts a selection of about 7,500 wines with a focus on affordable, bold red wines. Thanks to its parent network of local and international shipping and distribution network, you can easily bid, buy and have the wine delivered to any verified destination of your choice.

You can sort by ratings and tasting notes are available on all wines listed.


Select wines from a catalog of about 7000 wines from the website of the San Francisco-based firm. They mainly focus on New World and California wines, and also the cheaper type (about half of wines here are under $30).

You can take tasting notes by a reviewer or find wine by flavor profile, ratings, etc. Members get to receive daily wine flash deals and a variety of Wine Club options just to mention a few.

So, there you have it. The 10 best wine websites to bookmark right now (above) may be just what you need to learn, discover, share and live out a great wine lifestyle from now on—if you can check them out, that is.

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