9 Reasons Why Every Office Should Have A Water Dispenser

Showing your employees that you care by providing them with clean and safe drinking water is a cost effective way to keep them healthy, happy and strong. When workers are healthy, there is more productivity, less absenteeism and reduced health costs. On the other hand, if your employees are dehydrated, the quantity and quality of their work is likely to suffer.

Dehydration can cause workers to experience mood changes, fatigue, sluggishness, irritability and confusion, all of which can significantly affect their overall efficiency. Therefore, it pays to have a quality office water dispenser that dispenses safe and clean drinking water to your employees whenever they need it.

Here are 9 reasons why a water dispenser is a must have in any office:

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Promotes Goods Health

Not taking enough water not only causes employees to experience nausea, headaches, sluggishness, mood changes and inability to concentrate, but can also result in long term health problems like seizures and kidney damage. On the other hand, keeping your workers hydrated throughout the day greatly helps to improve their overall health. Drinking water detoxifies the body from various toxic wastes and boosts the immune system. With stronger immunity, workers are likely to take less sick days, something that improves their productivity.

Therefore, if you want your workforce to remain healthy, strong, happy and productive at all times, provide them with clean, fresh and safe drinking water. Having a water dispenser ensures that they get access to either cold or hot water conveniently.
Good health

Improves Brain Function And Focus

Water constitutes about 85 percent of the human brain and any shortage of the required water level can lead to loss of focus. Workplaces require an active mind and constant alertness which is not possible to achieve if employees don’t meet their daily water intake.

Having an office water dispenser can encourage your workers to drink the right amount of water that their body needs. As a rule of thumb, every person needs to drink water (in ounces) equivalent to half his or her body weight. For instance, a 150 pound employee needs to drink 75 ounces of water to stay properly hydrated. This will go along way to increase their brain activity, mental alertness, focus and memory – all of which are important for increased productivity.

Improve focus

Reduces Sugary Cravings

Having a functioning water dispenser can also encourage employees to drink water when they feel hungry instead of grabbing a candy bar, a cup of coffee or tea, or a can of soda. While these sugary foods provide an instant burst of energy, they lead to an energy crash later in the day, leaving your workers unable to perform their duties effectively.

Water increases the amount oxygen and blood flow to the brain and other parts of the body. This allows workers to concentrate on their work throughout the day because they’ll feel fuller, less fatigued and mentally alert. This natural boost of energy that water provides is long-lasting, compared to the energy from sugary drinks which is short-lived.

Sugar cra

Improves Productivity

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. And increased productivity means more goods and services being produced and more profits for your company. Because of this, you should ensure your workers are well hydrated to enhance their overall productivity levels.

Having an office water dispenser means your employees won’t need to head to the tap for cold water, or to the kitchen for hot water. This helps to save lots of valuable time in the long run and boosts their productivity. Keeping them hydrated also guards against sluggishness and physical fatigue and makes them feel more energetic throughout the day.

Improve productivity

Keeps Employees Happy

Lack of enough water in the body negatively impacts people’s minds and behaviors. Employees who do not drink the right amount of water may find themselves feeling, negative, irritable and stressed. The worse your workers feel, the more likely they’re to argue among themselves and risk even being rude to customers. This of course, can negatively affect your company’s image and lead to loss of customers.

The good news is that you can prevent all these by having a water dispenser in your office to provide them (and your clients) with plenty of safe drinking water. Investing in this simple, but important equipment can drastically improve the mood of your workers, make your office more pleasant to work in and improve overall efficiency.

happy employees

Boosts The Morale Of Workers

Having a water dispenser that provides high quality hot and cold water also shows that your company is willing to invest in the overall health and well being of its workforce. Believe it or not, small benefits like this will make your staff feel appreciated and valued. This is likely to boost their morale and make them work even harder to take your business to the next level.


Improves Company Reputation

Other than showing your staff that you care for their well being, having an office water dispenser also creates a good first impression on your existing and potential customers. It makes your company stand out from the rest and look good in the public eye. Maintaining good public image is very important for the long-term success of any business.


Saves You Lots Of Money In The Long Run

As we already mentioned, drinking water strengthens the immune system and makes your employees healthy. This leads to less absenteeism from work due to sickness, and improved efficiency. It also helps to significantly reduce your health costs.

Save money


Leads To Better Weight Management

Most employees eat unhealthy foods, which are low in essential nutrients and high in calories when they feel hungry. As you may already know, consuming such foods regularly can lead to obesity, especially in people with sedentary lifestyles. However, having a water dispenser in the office can help your employees to manage their weights better and look better too.

How does it happen? Being able to access safe drinking water conveniently whenever they need it keeps them feeling fuller for longer – something that reduces their need to eat junk foods like chips, crisps and candy bars. Water also eliminates unwanted toxins from the body, leading to a glowing and healthy looking skin.

Overall, strong, happy and healthy employees are the best assets of every company. Therefore, consider investing in a quality office water dispenser to keep your employees properly hydrated and productive throughout the day.

Improve weight management

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