15 Awesome Wine Racks

If you are a wine lover and like to drink wine with friends and family you would like to have a place to show and store your wines, a wine rack provides this option for you. If your looking for other options to store your wine check out our article here.

These wine racks not only provides a long term storage for your wines but also beautifully displays your products in your home. However, in the modern world, there are lots of brands of wine racks, and the prospect of choosing the correct one may sometimes prove to be a daunting task.

So today in this article, some of the best wine racks in the industry are going to be discussed in details, with the principal aim of making you improve your knowledge so that you may be able to make an informed decision when purchasing one.

15. Winsome Vinny Wine Rack, 24 Bottle With Glass Hanger

The Winsome Vinny rack is a top quality device, boasting of a composite and a solid wood construction. It is easy to set up and comes with assembling tools inside. This rack is extremely spacious, and can hold up to twenty-four bottles of wine, plus additional twelve to twenty-four stemware pieces. Its magic does not end there either, bearing in mind that it also comes with a top shelf, which you can use to serve your beverages. As a wine lover, nothing concrete should deter you from investing in this multi-purpose wine rack.

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14. Sorbus Bamboo Wine Rack

Here is another beautiful wine storage facility, which can store up to twelve bottles of your wine. It has a sleek, and a chic looking design, constructed of lightweight, durable wood material. Such prowess makes it ideal to be placed either in countertop, kitchen or a bar table. It is spacious enough and accommodates up to twelve wine bottles. For installation, minimal assembly is needed, but things have been made easier for you, since all the instructions are included, and are pretty much simple. With this in your room, your wines are kept fresh for longer periods, until you are ready to take them out.

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13. Kamenstein Butterfly Wine Rack

This butterfly wine rack is made of a light wood material and is a sturdy one. Stores up to eight wine bottles and the bottles are placed horizontally, thus keeping the corks moist for longer periods of freshness. Judging by its frame, this rack is perfectly suited for a cabinet or a countertop. The cleaning process in not tedious either, since only a single wipe by a dry cloth is enough to remove every dirt. As a fan of wine, the Kamenstein wine rack is a top-notch storage facility and is worth the money.

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12. TheopWine Barrel Shaped 6 Bottle Wine Rack

Apart from offering an ample storage atmosphere for your wines, this impressive model also provides extreme beauty when placed on the table, kitchen counters, and other display areas and other floor locations. The design is stable and perfect for six 750ml bottles of varied shapes and diameters. Preserve your wine by keeping it moist for long term freshness, by storing it in this type of classy wine rack model.

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11. The Sorbus Wall Mount Towel/Wine Rack

Whether you are an amateur or a connoisseur lover of wine, this particular rack caters for the needs of both of you. It is a unique design that offers versatility, thanks to its capability to vertically add shelves hence creating more space and design. With this one, your six standard wine or even six bath hand towels are safely stored with an absolute freshness that is unmatched. This is what you need in your room as a wine faithful.

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10. The Mango Steam 32 Bottle Wine Rack With Glass Table Top

Are you having lots of wine bottles and wondering where to store and preserve them? Or you currently have wine rack but its capacity is a worry? Worry less since the mango steam wine rack have got you covered. It boasts of a huge thirty-two standard bottle storage capacity, and you cannot run short of storage space. The glass table top offers extra functionality, while the steel construction coupled with the powder coating provides the much-needed durability. It is a top brand with all the qualities you would expect from a functional wine rack.

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9. The Rabbit Space-Saver Wine Rack

This one is another affordable wine rack and holds up to six standard bottles of wine. It is highly durable since it is made of high-tensile and structural plastic. An additional feature that makes it unique is that when not in operation, the rack collapses for storage in a kitchen drawer or a cabinet. It is small and occupies minimal space on your countertop. Such prowess makes it an effective brand.

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8. Oenophilia Bali Wine Ebony

If you didn’t know, the Bali wine rack traces its origin from the Indonesian culture. It is highly stylish thus makes for a fabulous gift idea for any ardent wine lover. With this one, you can store your twelve wine bottles with ease.It is beautiful and provides a decent display in your room as it holds the wine bottles into position. It is worth the buy.

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7. The Dakoda Love-Olivia Wine Rack

Measuring 12 by 40 by 5 inches, this is another large wine rack that can hold up to eight bottles of wine. It is notably handmade in the USA, with high quality reclaimed wood material. When you purchase it, it comes already assembled and mounted too. Hence there is no strenuous job required. For greater looks, it is recommended that you pair it with a second device thereby allowing it to hang on the second. It keeps your wine fresh and lovely.

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6. Align Wall-Mounted Wine Rack By True

The Wall-mounted rack by True is an affordable model that also looks beautiful in the room. It is simple and made of wrought iron. Spacious enough to accommodate up to nine bottles of wine. It comes equipped with necessary mounting hardware and screws. If you are out there and weighing your options of purchasing an efficient wine rack at an affordable cost, definitely you should go for the Align Wall-Mounted wine rack.

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5. Spectrum Diversified Scroll Wine Rack

Beauty and performance are all combined in the design of this wine rack. Has enough space to store up to twelve bottles of your wine, and is suitable for any bar or countertop. Your quest for durability is guaranteed, bearing in mind that the structure is made from sturdy steel material. Your bottles are appropriately stored making sure that their freshness is preserved for longer periods. It is worth considering.

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4. 54 Bottle Connoisseurs Deluxe Large Foldable Wine Rack

Personally, I highly rank the Connoisseurs Deluxe rack. Not just because it offers a massive fifty-four bottle storage capacity, but because of the additional attractive features, it has at its disposal. The smart design permits for easy assembly, and it folds flat when not operating. The additional multipurpose cleaning towel is included. Even though it is heavy duty, but the device is still sleek and efficiently displays and holds lots of wine bottles. If you are considering to offer someone either a wedding or a Christmas gift, this is a perfect one.

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3. The KOVOT Foldable Bamboo Wine Rack

A cost-friendly brand of wine rack that is meant to serve wine lovers better. The storage space is enough, and can hold up to ten bottles. Well-suited for any room, thanks to its ability to fold easily. The racks are horizontally placed and offer adequate storage atmosphere needed to preserve your wines longer than ever. If you are an amateur wine lover, here is a decent rack to start with.

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2. Navarra Wall Mount Wine Rack

Made of metal, and boasting of a distressed earth finish, the Navarra wine rack is a top brand. It measures 12.5 by 7.25 by 35.25 and has adequate space to house up to seven bottles of wine. It fits in any kitchen, dining room, or even in your living room. It is incredibly beautiful and offers functionality that is satisfactory. It keeps your wine with a great freshness that is durable.

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1. Oenophilia Bottle Bouquet Wine Rack

The Oenophilia model is made of sturdy metal, holds up to six wine bottles, hence offers both functionality and a dramatic kind of display. The purchase cost is highly affordable; any wine lover would be able to match. Its height is enough to ensure that your bottles are firmly held in position. You are likely to fall in love with this particular model.

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The Bottom Line.

When you are looking for a good wine rack, it is obvious that you always want to come out with a quality model that not only efficiently stores your items but also goes an extra mile by offering some beauty too. It must also have enough space for storage and should be durable. However, it is always not easy finding the best product that entirely satisfies your needs and preferences, since there are numerous types of wine racks. The above-described products are incredibly classic and are proven performers, worth considering for a buy.

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