10 bars you have to visit before you die

Not everyone prefers to have their drinks at home from their own cooler. For those that prefer to go out and have a drink in a bar we have listed the 10 bars that should be at the top of your list:

Ozone Bar, Hong Kong

Ozone bar, Hong kong
If you fancy heights and breathtaking panoramic views, then the Ozone bar in Hong Kong is your ideal destination. Located in Hong Kong atop the International Commerce Centre (ICC), the Ozone bar is one of the highest bars in the world. The main bar sits on top of 118 floors giving you a breathtaking yet spectacular view to always cherish in your lifetime. With a spectacular skyline on your horizon, this bar should be on your to-do list during your next vacation. However, you should mind your dress code as shorts, sleeveless shirts; beach sandals and open shoe toes are not allowed. All in all, you are guaranteed the best cocktail and the best entertainment you can ever imagine of in this bar.

The View Lounge, San Francisco

the view, san francisco
Located in San Francisco Bay, California, the View Lounge is another great bar you should make a date and visit before you breathe your last on this earth. This bar is located on top of 39 floors on the world famous Marriot Marquis Hotel. Marriot hotels are known for their classy and professional services, and it’s no surprise that this lounge is associated with them. While you sip on your favorite drinks, you can enjoy the breathtaking yet enchanting views from the streets of San Francisco. Take your time to sip your drink as you await the evening rush hour traffic to cool down. Whether you are here for business or leisure purposes, the diversity of this lounge is no doubt unmatched.

At.mosphere Lounge, Dubai

atmosphere bar dubai
Just mention Burj Khalifa and everyone will know you have been to Dubai or at least you have an idea about this beautiful country in the Middle East. The At.mosphere Lounge is a state of the art bar located on the world most famous skyscraper Burj Khalifa. Sitting on top of 122 floors, this lounge is no doubt the ideal bar for each and every person who loves and enjoys panoramic views. Extensive selections of cocktails are served in this bar and each and every party animal is well catered for. You can get the best of your stay from this bar by securing a table close to the windows where you can enjoy your favorite drink and view the famous dancing fountains 122 floors below you.

The Signature Lounge, Chicago

Signature, chicago
Located in Chicago on top of 96 floors of the John Hancock Centre, the Signature Lounge is another great sky dangling bar you should make an effort to visit. Apart from enjoying the panoramic views, the state of Chicago has to offer, you will also get the chance to sample over 700 different types wines. Apart from wine, this bar also offers different types of cocktails which are usually served based on the theme of the day at the bar. You can also enjoy an excellent and tantalizing meal as you take a slow sip of your deliciously smooth cocktail.

Dukes Bar, London

dukes bar, london
If you love the crystal clear and enchanting glass of Martini, then the Dukes Bar should be your ideal destination. Located on St. James Place in London England, this bar was made famous by Ian Fleming, the James Bond movie creator. Ian was known to be a Martini lover and he always frequented this bar to get a share of his favorite Vesper brand. If you are a fan of the Bond movies, you can easily catch a glimpse of the Vesper brand in the Casino Royale movie. Apart from cocktails, this bar gives you the opportunity to grab a cigar and enjoy a cognac as you please.

Please Don’t Tell (PDT), New York

Please don't tell, new york
As the name suggests, this award-winning “secretive” bar employs a secretive telephone-booth as an entrance. Located in New York City, this fun filled bar is known for its world-class cocktails, a cozy atmosphere as well as finger licking hot dogs. For you to get inside this bar, you first have to give out your ring. From there, you are ushered inside, via a secret dark door. What happens from there will be your own guarded secret.

Old Fashioned Gin Tonic and Cocktail Bar, Barcelona

old fashioned gin tonic bar, barcelona
Ask any cocktail lover in Barcelona to name their favorite joint and you won’t be surprised when you hear the name Old Fashioned. This bar which is located on the Garcia District in Barcelona is a local and international chill spot. In Barcelona, this bar ranks number 9 out of 1,110 under the things to do and places to visit category. Combine a mixture of Gin and Cocktail and you have at your disposal the famous Gin and Juice feeling.

Cave Bar More, Dubrovnik

cave bar, dubrovnik
Fancy having your favorite cocktail inside a cave? If yes, please book your next flight and let’s meet in Dubrovnik Croatia. This 5-Star luxurious bar is located next to the Dubrovnik beach. The great thing about this bar is the fact that it’s located inside a small cave. You can spend your morning enjoying a cup of tea, your afternoon sipping on the best cocktails in the world and close up your day on the deck with the best cognac and champagne as you take your time to view the breathtaking sunset. You can also enjoy your drink inside the cave and watch the seagulls play around the entire night.

Minus5 Ice Bar, Las Vegas and Orlando

minus5 bar, las vegas
Minus5 is not just a name but a reality. Once you get inside this bar, the temperatures drop to -5 degrees. I know you may wonder how this is possible. Well- everything in this entire bar is made up of ice. You heard right. The seats, glasses, sculptures, and the walls are all ice made. The moment you get in, you are given a thick Faux Fur Coat, a warm Parker and a pair of gloves to keep you warm. The temperature inside this bar is controlled and maintained at -5 by a thermostat. Sip your favorite drink and enjoy the breathtaking ice sculptures while you listen to your favorite music jams. This club is located in Las Vegas though another branch can be found in Orlando Florida.

The Rock Bar, Bali

Rock bar, bali
As the name suggests, this bar is located on top of a rock overlooking the Indian Ocean in Bali, Indonesia. This bar comfortably sits on a 77-hectare property which entails over 290 rooms and 78 luxury villas. Thanks to its great tranquility, this bar has been rated as one of the best bars in the world by authoritative bodies such as The New York Times and CNN. Notable celebrities to ever play in this club include Third Eye Blind and Bruno from Ibiza. You can enjoy a glass of cocktail designed by the world renowned cocktail specialist Sebastian Bonnefoi as you feel the cool breeze from the ocean. Once you are done with your drinks, you can enjoy the cool water by taking a swim on the beach.

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