The best drink coolers reviewed in 2016

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At, we dedicate ourselves to providing top-notch reviews in the world of drink coolers. Our main mission is to give you the best both in quality and value. We have a group of top experts in the field who dig deeper on the internet to find the best that the market has to offer. We take great pride in seeing you achieve the best value for your money – and this is the spirit that has kept us going. Your needs as a customer is key and we remain steadfastly focused on helping you fulfill that need even beyond your expectations.

But how do we get to compile our reviews? And furthermore, what makes us different from other review websites that number in the hundreds? Well, quality and reliable reviews is what we strive to give you. And to get quality, you need top professionals in the field who have lots of experience with the products. This is exactly what we do – using top brains in the industry to provide expert reviews that are both informational and accommodating to you as a customer.

Different products have different ratings. And drink coolers are no exception. But what does the ratings got to do with our reviews? Well, customer rating is one of the main criteria we use in selecting our top picks in drink coolers. Our selection criteria is also based on the opinion of other experts in the filed. Combining the two, you get a comprehensive review that is both reliable and trustworthy. The element of bias is what we try to eliminate at all cost. So in writing our reviews, we don’t only focus at the advantages of a product but also the drawbacks that come with its use. These are what make our reviews unique.


Types of drink coolers we review

When someone says “I have a drink cooler”, what exactly comes to mind? Well, nothing specific. Why? Because it is a generalized term that refers to different appliances used to keep your drinks at cool or chilled temperatures. Therefore, before you embark on reading our reviews, we think it would be wise in case you familarize yourself with the different types of drink coolers that we review here. Take sometime and let us walk you through them.

Beverage coolers

Beverage coolers are nothing new in most households. You will definitely get them in almost any house you visit. These appliances have also become popular in many offices and cafeterias. The ability to customize your beverages to lower temperatures has seen their popularity grow in leaps and bounds. But what types of beverages are they meant for? Well, these appliances can be used for just about any type of beverage. You can use them for cooling soft drinks, tea , coffee, juice, milk, water…the list is just endless. And when it comes to beverage coolers, there are those models that perform above all the others.

We reviewed 7 different beverage coolers on here and this Danby 120 beverage can center is top on our list:

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 21.36.13

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Portable beverage coolers

These beverages coolers are designed with ease-of-handling in mind. Actually, not all of us have the space to accommodate large appliances. And more still, some of us do not like the idea of relocating heavy appliances from one room to another. Portable beverage coolers are just meant for such people. They are specially designed to be ultra-slim and lightweight. These appliances can fit in small apartments or offices with lots of space to spare. And in case you are constantly on the move, then these are the ideal beverage coolers you ought to consider. They can be transported with ease to cater for your needs during those camping trips or any other trips that we’ve lined out in this post.

We reviewed 3 different portable beverage coolers on here and this Coolest Cooler is top on our list:

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 21.42.43

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Commercial beverage coolers

These beverages coolers are designed to use in commercial spaces like restaurants, offices, bars and shops and can store up to 300 cans. When running a restaurant or bar it’s essential to cool the different drinks from soft drinks to beers. In our review we compared two of the major brands, EdgeStar and KingsBottle. All models are made of stainless steel and have double glass doors with adjustable shelves.

We reviewed 6 different commercial beverage coolers on here and this KingsBottle 169 is top on our list:

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 21.36.13


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Wine coolers

The number of people that drink wine is constantly on the rise. In the U.S, beer is the most preferred drink with wine coming at a close second. Furthermore, statics show that at least 12 million bottles of wine are consumed weekly in England. These numbers speak much regarding the popularity of wine. And with more demand for wine comes the need for more wine coolers to preserve them at ideal temperatures. Unlike beer, wine can be incorporated in a meal. This has made wine coolers almost a must-have in most households. These appliances come in many different models to select from. However, as a customer you always desire to get the best.

We reviewed 9 different wine coolers on here and this AKDY 21 bottle dual zone wine cooler is top on our list:

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 21.36.13

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Beer dispensers

Any bartender will tell you that a bar without a beer dispenser is a difficult place to work in. Imagine serving hundreds of customers without any appliance to bring an element of efficiency in your work. Well, it can be quite challenging and you may even end up loosing some customers due to sluggishness in your service. Beer dispensers make beer available on demand and store it in a more healthy way. The world of beer dispensers has many models meant to meet various needs and budgets. However, not all of them have the ability to deliver as per your expectations. Some of them may end up being a great disappointment and a waste of your hard-earned cash.

We reviewed 3 different beer dispensers on here and this Koolatron 5-liter beer keg is top on our list:

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 21.36.13

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Water cooler dispensers

Water is special and unlike all the other drinks, everyone takes it. It forms the greatest percentage of our body mass. Therefore it is only wise to store it in a much safer and convenient way. Water coolers are appliances designed just for that. They quench your thirst by dispensing icy cold water that makes the body feel fresh and rejuvenated. These appliances are not only meant to dispense cold water, but also provide hot water on demand to help you enjoy a hot cup of your favorite beverage. Water cooler dispensers have proven to be more efficient saving lots of time required in brewing coffee, tea and cocoa. And like the other types of drink coolers, there is always the best in the world of water cooler dispensers.

We reviewed 6 different water cooler dispensers on here and this Avalon top loading water cooler dispenser is top on our list:

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 21.36.13

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Well, what more can you ask for? Read our reviews and get to achieve the best in the world of drink coolers. You might even become an expert in the field and join us in giving other customers the information they crave for regarding the best products in drink coolers.